Injury Prevention for Cheerleading/Cheerleaders

As cheerleading expands its foothold, within developmental football programs in K-8, High Schools, Private Clubs, Colleges, Clinics, and more, it is become more apparent than ever that teaching injury prevention is important for the longevity of the athlete as well as as the sport.

MedGym focuses on the following topics for research, teaching, writing and clinics:

  1. Core stability and spine health
  2. Wrist flexibility for the base and tumbler
  3. Spine health and Hinge Theory for the tumbler
  4. Explosive leg power for stunting and jumping
  5. Knee alignment for dance, choreography, stunting and tumbling
  6. Flexibility in legs for split position and leg hold attainment
  7. Nutrition and food for training and best muscle development without growth
  8. Postural awareness for all
  9. Matting and leg absorption in landings
  10. Bracing, bands, and prevention
  11. And more!
 Sport-Specific Treatment & Injury

Coming soon…In the section, as a Member, you will be able to access step-by-step protocols for full-body injuries, per joint, per diagnosis, of a guide to physical therapy/manual treatment, exercise, in-gym ramp-up programs, protocols and more!