We, as medical professionals, have been blessed with the skill set of sport specific experience, medical training, the innate knowledge of teaching and love for the sport. Under the guidance of Gina Pongetti, we will work as a team to provide fair, honest, and cutting-edge information to the world.

We will strive to utilize our gymnastics competitive experience to enlighten coaches, parents, and athletes of proper rehabilitation of injury and injury awareness. We strive to educate fellow health care professionals of the intricacies of gymnastics/performing arts sports, cheerleading, theater and music/instrumental/vocal arts and through this education, allow others to treat and prevent injuries where we are not present.

We also pledge to use all resources available that have knowledge and good intentions to make treatment, prevention, and awareness as holistic as we can.

It is your mission to take the knowledge that is presented to you and educate yourself to make the most proper decisions for yourself, your family members, athletes, peers, and community. It is also your responsibility to only use this knowledge as such, and to disseminate when proper, and to still rely on and refer to proper medical sources for evaluation and decision making.

We challenge you to

  • make yourself healthier for your athletes
  • increase injury prevention measures in your communities and gyms
  • educate your athletes about their bodies and health care situations
  • empower the parents and families of the athletes to be involved in every step of health care and prevention
  • utilize the professionals within MedGym to ask questions and seek knowledge
  • always support the children first: they are humans first, then athletes
  • respect the parent’s right to understand the reasoning behind decisions made with objective and measureable information
  • understand that the body is a biomechanical machine of many moving parts that need to work together in order to perform functions. The body needs to be guided in order to perform these functions. Along with this, the mind, the impressive power of human decision making, and learning capabilities trump all mechanics!

DISCLAIMER (the things we have to tell you…)

This web site is not intended as a tool for diagnosis or treatment of any injury. All medical conditions should be under the direct care and supervision of a medical professional at all times. This web site, the people who are contributors, and the information available is not responsible for injuries caused because of implementation of the knowledge presented. Please seek medical clearance prior to any participation in any exercise regimen or activity.