Gina Pongetti is a medical professional and one of the world’s foremost experts on athlete health and wellness. She is the owner of MedGym, LLC and Achieve Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute in the Chicago area. 

A certified physical therapist and coach, her clients include Olympians, World Champions, NCAA Champions as well as musicians, dancers and Broadway actors. She is internationally recognized as a leading lecturer, educator and researcher. She has  co-written the only American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) approved manual and course on performing arts medicine. Pongetti has also worked for the AVP Volleyball tour, Ironman Triathlon Treatment teams, PGA golf events, and been personal medical manager for many professional tennis players, MLB pitchers, track and field champions and more. 

During the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Pongetti provided expert commentary on many topics, but gained international media attention for her explanation of  “the twisties,” a condition that affected U.S. gymnast Simone Biles and became one of the top stories from the Tokyo Olympics.  While working as the medical editor for Inside Gymnastics magazine,  Pongetti appeared live on NBC television platforms  and offered commentary to BBC Sport, BBC News and France TVSport. In addition, she has provided background information to many national newspapers and wire services throughout her career.

A former gymnast and Ironman triathlete, Pongetti is an effective communicator who provides clear and concise explanations of complex topics, including: 

- Pain and Injury: How does pain impact the physical and psychological aspects of the athlete’s journey and what are the possible outcomes and  rehabilitation
Olympic Schedule Upheaval: The pandemic dramatically altered competition and training schedules. How does this affect  training and competing in two Olympics within a three-year schedule
- The Aging Athlete: With more Olympians vying for multiple Games,  how does age affect performance, recovery and risk
- How Much is Too Much: Chasing greatness and the physical, mental and social costs of pushing the limits
- Female Athlete Injuries:  Why they are different and how age, hormones, children and physiology change treatment path. Also, what are the challenges women face when attempting to balance life in and out of the competition venue 
- The New Philosophy of the Coach-Athlete Relationship: From adolescent stars to adults who are pros—can you be good and nice? Navigating the fine line between motivational coaching and bullying/abuse
- Who are all these people? It takes more than just a coach to make athletes successful.  Today’s athletes are de-stigmatizing the concept of proactive medicine by working with a multidisciplinary team  of experts. How is that going over with more traditional or old- school coaches and programs
- Gymnastics-Specific Factors: Skill performance, flexibility and strength demands, progression, physical stress, lifelong training path and more.

Pongetti has reported, written and published many articles for various outlets. Please see ARTICLE LIST under archives. 

Pongetti  earned a Bachelor’s degree in communications and Master’s in physical therapy from Marquette University (1999/2002) In addition, she obtained a Masters in Health Communication from Michigan State University (2003).  While at MSU, she served as an assistant women’s gymnastics coach. In addition, she spent five years at Swiss Turners’  Gymnastics, coaching beginners through the elite level.

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