USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials: Minneapolis, MN: ONSITE

*What a Difference a D Makes: Men’s Gymnastics Uprising, Difficulty Scores and Medals

USA Gymnastics Xfinity Championships: Fort Worth, TX: ONSITE

*Realizing an Olympic Dream: Why Mentoring Matters

*Blakely’s Journey to Paris Ends with Heartbreaking Achilles Injury

*Mighty Malone: The Story of Brody Malon’s Triumphant Comeback 

*Timing is Everything: Shilese Jones, Shoulder Injury Explainer and the Ultimate Perspective

*Mental Side of the Mat

*The Science Behind the Movement: Anatomy of Artistry: Body Movement, Kinesiology and Motion Demands for Performance (MAGAZINE)- Coach’s Resource Guide 2024 July

Bouncing Out: Tumbling, Landing and the Physics of Staying In Bounds (MAGAZINE TBD) 


USA Gymnastics Classics and Nationals: Onsite

*Coming Back: Returning to Sport from Retirement to a Quick Break- Taking Care of the Body and Mind  Oct/Nov Issue: p51 – 53 (MAGAZINE)

*Balancing Act: Can we be Good and Nice?  Can we Successfully Balance Winning and Support Athlete Wellness?


USA Gymnastics Nationals-Tampa, FL Onsite Coverage

Artistry in Demand (MAGAZINE)

*Balancing Act: NCAA and Olympic Challenge

*In Balance: Can We Successfully Balance Winning While Supporting Athlete Wellness?

*The Athlete Marathon: A Look at the Long Haul (WEB)

2021 Team Finals: Olympic Legends

Inside Gymnastics Coach’s Resource Guide: Coaching and Athlete Wellness , P20, (MAGAZINE)


*Tokyo Olympics- The Entire Reporter’s Daily Blog (WEB)

*The Layer of Fear: The Sport of Gymnastics, The Tokyo Olympics and Simone Biles

*Rise. And Fall. And Rise Again. The Olympic Games: Pressure, Perseverance and Passion

*The Amazing Aging Athlete

*Artur and the Achilles (WEB)

*The Physics of Simone (WEB)

*Time Change and the Effects on the Body: Traveling to Tokyo (WEB)

*Making the Team: The Weight of the List (WEB)

*Individual vs. Team Spot: Where is the Reward (WEB)

*The Mental Side of the Mat (WEB)

Making the Team: Selection Procedures for Olympics and USA Gymnastics Simplified (WEB)

Coach’s Resource Guide: Accountability in a Changing Culture: A Multi-disciplinary Approach


Inside Gymnastics Magazine: September Changing the Culture: A Multidisciplinary Approach, P48-49


Medals: Stuttgart World Championships (WEB)

Men in 4th: Where Do We Go From Here (WEB)

World Championships Men’s Podium Quest (WEB)

In Good Health
(Stacy Kuhlman Friend)

March- Inside Dance- Dance Fitness- In the Zone- Planning Your Year, P 61-63 (MAGAZINE)

Annual Coach’s Resource Guide: Train Your Brain: Overcoming Obstacles with Planning, Passion and Patience (MAGAZINE)

Cheer Biz: September/October: Fit Factor- You Are What You Drink- Peak Performance-p36

Inside Cheerleading August: Fitness in Life, p44 (MAGAZINE)

Cheer Biz: July: Striving for a Healthy, Well-rounded Athlete Life p 36 (MAGAZINE)

Inside Dance June: Backstage and In-Studio Recovery, p62-63 (MAGAZINE)

Inside Gymnastics: May/June- Tips for a Health Season (MAGAZINE)

Cheer Biz May/June: Recover and Re-Focus: p36 (MAGAZINE)

Cheer Biz: April: Having a Healthy and Successful Season (MAGAZINE)


Margzetta Frazier (WEB)

Ragan Smith: The Return (WEB)

Sam Mikulak: Here to Stay (WEB)

Riley McCusker: The Life of Riley (WEB)

Winter Olympics: Understanding Figure Skating Jumps as a Gymnast (WEB)

Inside Gymnastics Sep/Oct: Focus on Flexibility p56 (MAGAZINE)

Inside Gymnastics June Issue: Best Foot Forward: Foot and Ankle Injury Prevention, P57-59  (MAGAZINE)

Gymnastics Coach’s Resource Guide: You Are What You Drink, P19 (MAGAZINE)


2017 World Championships: New Skills (WEB)

Oksana Chusovitina: Oksana’s World (WEB)

A New Leader: The Dynasty of Kohei Uchimura (WEB)

Worlds 2017: New Kids on the Podium (WEB)

US Nationals 2017: Kim Zmeskal- Strength in Numbers (WEB)

Where are they Now: (WEB)

Score Analysis: Catch Me if you Can (WEB)

10 Ways to a Perfect Season (WEB)
September Issue: Cheer Biz News- Fit Factor: You Are What You Drink P48-50 (MAGAZINE)


Inside Cheerleading December- Fit Factor- Spine Healh, p 78-80 (MAGAZINE)

Inside Gymnastics June- Shoulder Rotation: Flexibility for Change in Grip on Bars , p43, (MAGAZINE)

Inside Gymnastics October: Led By Liukin: A New Era Emerges, p50-51 (MAGAZINE)

Cheer Biz News July: Ankle Stability, p78-80 (MAGAZINE)


*San Jose Mercury News: Gymnastics Examines Its Aches and Pains


2020:GymCon: A Virtual Conference for Gymnastics

*2020: Heroizing Pain: A Three Part Facebook LIVE Series with Gina Pongetti Angeletti and Robert Andrews

*2020 Facebook LIVE Video: The Physiology and Psychology of Injury

Podcast/ Radio Show

Podcast: The Business Minded Sports Physio with Brian Schwabe

Radio Show: The Sports Doctor Live June 2024

2021: Tumbling Along with Betsy 

Magazine Career Features

*2024 Feb: Hinsdale Living Magazine

*2023 March Cover: Hinsdale Magazine: Going the Extra Mile

*2022 Premier Doctors;  P 60-62

*2020 October: Power Women Feature P 49 and P71

2015 July: Gina Pongetti: Many Hats- P 46-47 

Interviews Features

*2022- Beam Queen Boot Camp (BQBC) : The Importance of Physical Therapy

*SportsDoctor Radio: Featured Expert Video Bio

*2019: Dr. Sirlina Cook- Dr. Lina and Friends Interview/Blog


*ACSM: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise: On Pins and Needles: Spotting a Slipping Grip in an Elite Gymnast

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