Day 2 Recap

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Day 3- Wednesday

Not particularly a sunny day, but that's ok. At the arena literally all day for podium training. This is where all of the countries gat to train on the actual Olympic equipment, get used to the floor layout, where important things are like bathroom, medical, food, etc!  Men today, women tomorrow. This is the first look open to press to see what everyone looks like. Important for the athletes, too, as the equipment is green when it is usually blue! 

They are having great training sessions. Besides the horrible traffic, it's good!

Yesterday was just essentially orientation for my media responsibilities, to the Main Press Center where Chris and I, and 6,000 of our closest friends, get to spend a lot of time when I'm writing.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend 2 hours in line at the main credentialing center for the medical part of my Rio experience. They could not figure out how to put both access codes on my credential. It is a mystery, at the end, problem solved. 

Maybe they did not know that a half a million people were coming... Traffic is so bad, no hot water in some hotel rooms, the smell of garbage/poop permeates the air, hour long lines to clear credential security, and much more. Two uber drivers who have no clue how to navigate Barra for the Olympics...! But... The people of Brazil could not be nicer. Welcoming, smiling, willing to help in any way they can. The organizing committee, volunteers, even down to the security are happy that we are here, and excited to host and help. 

The Olympic grounds are amazing. Like a little city, roads for buses to transport staff and athletes, essentially its own power and satellite center, and more. 

I'll post pics from today- 




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