Supported Products

Supported Products and Links

Below you will find a list of products that I use in PT practice for treatment, strengthening, flexibility, sports performance, and more. I will disclaim that I receive no goods or services in return for endorsing these wonderful companies. I just value word of mouth, peer support, and the amazing use of personal relationships and affidavit with regards to products. Given the nature of my business, with treatment, writing, marketing, research, etc., it takes a lot for me to fully support and endorse, so take my word for it! These are wonderful companies, who create great products. There are links to pictures, where to buy, and how to use them as well. Enjoy!

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Equipment for the Gymnast/Performing Artist

  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy (Link)– great products for self-muscle release of everything from calves to feet, to ITB’s, hamstrings, chest, hips, glutes and more. Very well made, good prices. We sell these at our clinic, or you can order online through the company.
  • Wood wheel (Link). For the foot, to help with pain in the plantar fascia, toes, calves, etc. Great for people who stand all day, barefoot athletes, or people in a variety of different shoes (stage performers!)
  • TheraCane (Link). Self-treatment for trigger pointing of upper back, lower back, chest, and more. Wonderful for actors, singers, and upper body athletes.
  • Pro Stretch Calf Rocker (Link). Great for stretching, passively or actively, the calf, foot, shin, etc. Small, easy to travel with.
  • Just Jump Mat by Probotics. (Link). Great for testing explosive leg power, agility and accurate sprint speed.
  • Zensah Compression Sleeves (Link). Compression garments for shins, calves, forearms, ankles, feet and more. Officially endorsed by Gina and her staff.
  • SoleImpact Socks (Link). Created by Alicia Sacramone, a wonderful addition to all athlete’s bag. ASAC is a friend, colleague, and former recipient of our services!
  • Massage Tracker (Link). Created by my friend and colleague, Rachel Lethorn, a smart addition to any manual therapist’s hands. Whether PT, ATC, Chiro and or parent, this allows easier and more effective tissue work.
  • Stall Bar (Link). Great for ab and spine training. Fits on wall, just needs to be installed well.

Gymnastics Training Equipment

  • TumblTrak (Link). Wonderful company with great products. Some larger, for training for gymnasts, acro, etc. Smaller items such as Sting Mats and Sweet Spot great for stage performance practices as well as gymnastics/dance and other performing arts training.
  • Stall Bars for the wall (Link). Great for abdominal conditioning, and more!
  • Elite Sportz Band (Link). This flexible band has special weave to it to provide compression, warmth, postural reminders, and proprioception to abdominal and spine muscle use. An excellent training tool to help prevent low back injuries, make training more effective, and increase abdominal use and support, which ultimately will improve performance and sports longevity.
  • Joshua Tree Hand Balm. Perfect to help to minimize rips and condition the hands.

General Health and Wellness

Posture Corrective Brace (Link). This is a great help for those who need reminders for their posture. Whether at work, at your desk, at school, driving, and more…. this is great. Under clothes, you will never know!