Courses are presented locally, regionally and nationally, both in person and VIRTUALLY given the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The 2021-2022 schedule will be released shortly, and will include over 10 options of private courses, regional group classes and online versions for both sports medicine professionals that want to know more about the sport, and coaches, athletes, gym owners, and parents who want to learn more about gymnastics and performing arts/sports medicine.  Thank you!

Gymnastics Sports Medicine Course

You have been asking for ANOTHER course… and here it is!!!

This summer, we will be doing two courses, and potentially more! The first will be held the day before GymConUSA, the new gymnastics annual educational conference in LasVegas, NV. Save on travel, and get more education- sign up for both!

The second will be at the day before USA Gymnastics National Congress and P&G National Championships, presented independently of both. Save on travel cost for your and your gym, do both! You will already be there to watch the nation’s best athletes anyway, now, learn more!

It will be the “Gymnastics Sports Medicine for You”, a comprehensive course for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Sports Medicine.

It will be a very full day, from 730 am – 6:30 pm, filled with information about the anatomy of the body, theories behind injuries, descriptions of injuries, in-gym rehabilitation, how to work with medical staff at your gym, and touch on all of the presentations that I have done for USA Gymnastics in the past.! There is not enough time in Congress sessions to delve in to detail about all of the topics. As well, many of the injuries and body parts require cumulative courses, building on previous knowledge, and that is hard to do in the busy days of Congress and with all of the wonderful other topics that are offered! This will not interfere with your Congress attendance, and will only enhance your experience! This is an independent course/day, not affiliated with USA Gymnastics or Congress.

If you are not attending congress, and are in town either just for the course, or to see National Championships, this is a great opportunity for you to learn, and then watch the athletes, while thinking about how to apply to your athletes at home, your patients, or your own child!

You will walk away, whether a gym owner, parent, athlete, coach, or medical provider, with a keen understanding of how diagnostic procedures work, theories behind rehabilitation, as well as some advanced biomechanics knowledge for injury prevention and treatment.

A bound manual will be given to you at the course, as well as lunch and break food. Interaction among peers is a key part of this day, as well as open Q and A session.

Please email with any questions about the course, and click on the link on this website to register. Details will be sent out in early Spring. Your space can be reserved, as this is a limited participant class, and payment can be made here on the website.

Gina will be at 2013 USA Gymnastics Congress booth with Inside Gymnastics, and around the arena covering for the magazine all week! Stop by for any questions that you may have about the course, your athletes, or other programs. Between working the booth of the magazine, where she is a medical contributor for the company, and working on some athletes, she will be available from Wednesday through Monday.

Thank you for wanting to make your athletes happier and American’s gymnasts healthier!

2014 Course Outline ("Sample")

11.5 Hours total

Contact hours for CEU: AM 4.25, PM 6.5hrs PM, total 10.75 Direct Contact

7:00 AMCheck in
7:30 AMIntroduction/Course Outline
7:30-8:15 AMTerminology/Anatomy/Pet Peeves
8:15-9:00 AMSpine
9:00-9:45 AMShoulders
9:45-10:00 AM15 minute break and snacks
9:45-10:30 AMAbdominals
10:30-11:15 AMHips/Split Position and Hinge Theory
11:15-11:45Wrist Injuries and Mechanics
11:45-12:30 PMLunch
12:30-1:15 PMPoor Technique- what it means to the body
1:15-2:15 PMStrengthening- physiology and Kinematics
2:15-2:45 PMStrength by Event
2:45-3:00 PM15 minute BREAK
3:00-4:00 PMRehabilitating by body part
4:00-4:30 PMSkill Suggestions for Injuries
4:30-5:00 PMMedical Advisors at Your Gym- The How To
5:00- 6:00 PMApplication of Techniques
6:00-6:30Closing and Q and A

DAY 2 (Vegas only)

In gym analysis of body positioning, conditioning demonstration, and hands-on assessment of spine and posture work. The Good Stuff!