Individual and personalized courses at your facility (or combined facilities) can include a mix of the following topics:

•Injury prevention
•Flexibility programming
•The science behind flexibility
•Strength- per body part
•Strength- cycling your program
•Injury trends: by body part or level analysis
•Awareness of rehab protocols for coaching staff
•How to work with your medical team
•How to create and establish an organized medical program at your gym
•Emergency medical plan set-up
•The importance of body shaping in the formative years on higher-level injury prevention
•Trends in spine injury including full explanation of Hinge Theory
•Equipment and Rehab toys: what rehab pieces should we have at our gym?
•Therabands: how, when, and why to use them
•Plyometric program: increasing jump height
•Parent talk (can be when we are on-site) for a variety of topics including nutrition, sleep, self-care, posture, injury prevention and return to sport
•The psychology of return to sport
•Fear: how to deal with it with professional help
•Recovery: how to do it with rest, flushing, rolling, sleep, nutrition, hydration and more
•And other topics

Prices vary based on:

- Travel time

- Time spent direct interaction

- Prep and post-analysis time required

- Extra staff needed pending demands of the weekend and attendees

- Continued interaction with MedGym team after course/visit

Options for Clinics

- 1, 2, 3 day series or more- all custom

- Days or partial days with various combinations: Coaches, Parents, Athletes, Medical Staff

- Course/clinic with add on of Local Medical Program Network Creation

- Guest visit within an already-established camp or intensive

- Observation of practices for evaluation of strength, conditioning, flexibility, rotation program

- Can include general Q/A and panel discussions as well

Call today to talk about planning your personalized program!

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