Individual and personalized courses at your facility (or combined facilities) can include a mix of the following topics:

• Injury prevention
• Flexibility programming
• The science behind flexibility
• Strength- per body part
• Strength- cycling your program
• Injury trends: by body part or level analysis
• Awareness of rehab protocols for coaching staff
• How to work with your medical team
• How to create and establish an organized medical program at your gym
• Emergency medical plan set-up
• The importance of body shaping in the formative years on higher-level injury prevention
• Trends in spine injury including full explanation of Hinge Theory
• Toys: what rehab pieces should we have at our gym?
• Therabands: how, when, and why to use them
• Plyometric program: increasing jump height
• Parent talk (can be when we are on-site) for a variety of topics including nutrition, sleep, self-care, posture, injury prevention and return to sport
• The psychology of return to sport
• Fear: how to deal with it with professional help
• Recovery: how to do it with rest, flushing, rolling, sleep, nutrition, hydration and more
• And other topics

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