Owner and director Gina Pongetti Angeletti grew up a gymnast for 14 years. She then received her Bachelor's in Communication Studies and Master's in Physical Therapy from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, one of the most well-respected schools for PT and orthopedic rehabilitation. While at MU, she coached for Swiss Turners in West Allis, WI, under the guidance of Stacey Maloney, for their women’s team 5-10, College prep, and served as a national clinician for health care and injury prevention.

Before starting her PT career, she obtained a Master's in Health Communication from Michigan State University to broaden her education and knowledge of healthcare campaigns, patient-practitioner interaction, and the art of “marketing” health to her patients. While at MSU, she was an assistant coach for the Women’s Gymnastics Team, a top 20 NCAA Division 1 Ranking. There, she choreographed, coached, and assisted in rehab for collegiate athletes.

During all of her education, she began to work with all levels of athletes, specifically gymnasts, dancers, theater, cheerleaders, and musicians (Performing Arts Medicine), and focused on the treatment, care, education, and long-term health of Elite gymnasts. She became nationally and internationally recognized as a leading lecturer, educator, and researcher in the sport. She has presented over 100 lectures for coaches, parents, gyms, and athletes on various aspects of health care. She presented for nearly 10 years for USA Gymnastics, National Congress, having largely attended courses for coaches on health care and gymnastics medicine. She has been published in Technique Magazine for gymnastics professionals and coaches nationwide and is a Medical Editor for Inside Publications, including Inside Gymnastics, Inside Cheerleading, and Inside Volleyball. She has also been published for USECA, the US Elite Coaches Association, as well as Irish Dance and Culture Magazine and more. She recently was a part of the first and only existing American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) approved course for gymnastics medicine as a lead contributor. It is released and published through the APTA and is a wonderful resource for healthcare professionals to understand the extent of gymnastics medicine, rehabilitation, science, biomechanics, and kinesiology.

Her Performing Arts Medicine specialization includes treatment on site of Broadway touring theater musicals and local productions. Analysis, assessment, treatment, injury prevention, program creation, and tour health longevity are the focuses of her time with the performers. She has been privileged to work with shows such as Hamilton, Boop, Jersey Boys Chicago, A Chorus Line- National Tour, Fiddler on the Roof- National Tour, Shrek- National Tour, and Billy Eliott National Touring Company. She was the original PT for the first company for the first Broadway Touring Company of Mary Poppins. She is blessed to have this opportunity to work with many of these shows through NeuroTour Physical Therapy, an Elite-level performing arts and orthopedic specialization company with contracts throughout North America for on-site coverage. She also focuses on local dancers through Equity Unions and local dance studios for regular and performance care. Gina also specializes in the treatment and health promotion/longevity of the musical theater performer/singing actor through concentration on diaphragmatic treatment, breathing techniques, neck/spine treatment, and fascial/vocal muscle release.

Gina focuses on manual therapy/hands-on techniques in combination with in-depth analysis of biomechanics and movement patterns. She is fully certified and served as an Instructor with Active Release Techniques (ART), based in Colorado, a soft tissue certification focusing on soft tissue overuse injuries. Gina performed on-site care at national Ironman Competitions, including stateside races and Kona, HI. She is an accomplished triathlete herself, having raced in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI, in October of 2006. She also incorporates Graston Technique and Strain/Counterstrain into her treatment philosophy

Her treatment career currently has Gina focusing on both treatment and education, starting MedGym, LLC in 2007. As of May 2012, Gina started the Sports Medicine division of Achieve Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute in both Burr Ridge and Naperville, IL, now on its 12th successful year! As the director, she expanded the club sports outreach to working with over 40 clubs and organizations, including many gymnastics gyms, dance studios, music teachers and performers, and cheerleading organizations. Her staff of 22 Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Athletic Trainers, Professional athletes, office managers, insurance experts, and more keep almost 1000 new patients and over 25,000 visits annually healthy and happy. MedGym is very active in the gymnastics world, providing on-site educational seminars, assessments of flexibility, strength, and injury prevention programs, and advice for coaches throughout the world. Gina will have over 25 athletes that she is managing and working with compete at the Olympic Games from many countries including the US. 

In the summer of 2016, Gina worked at the Olympic Games in Rio as well as being one of the few blessed to be in Tokyo in 2021 and on to Paris in 2024! Wearing two hats, she goes as a journalist as well as a physical therapist. As a 15+-year medical editor for Inside Gymnastics Magazine, she was responsible for writing feature stories on the athletes, articles for the magazine, as well as social media competition postings due to her vast history and knowledge of the sport as a whole. Combining knowledge of the sport and medicine, her stories reached tens of thousands, as did interviews by NBC, BBC, and various international television outlets. Gina lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Brad, and three children, two dogs, and a smile!